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Woljeongsa Temple Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Woljeongsa Temple Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

No trip to Gangwon-do, Korea is complete without a tour of Woljeongsa Temple.

Tucked away in a forested valley, Woljeongsa Temple is a remarkable example of Buddhist culture. It was constructed in the 7th century, but has been repaired and rebuilt over the years as war and time took their toll. Today, you can walk quietly through its interior, studying its colorful, ornate trappings, among them lanterns and exquisitely crafted murals.

Most Woljeongsa Temple sightseeing includes a look at the massive gold Buddha statue sitting atop the altar, as well as a 50-foot, nine-tier pagoda believed to date back to the 10th century. You can attend Buddhist ceremonies while visiting, but remember to keep quiet as you observe; this is a place for calm, respectful reflection.

What did you learn at Woljeongsa Temple?

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