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Unvaccinated Florida cruise guests must have insurance

Royal Caribbean International said Tuesday that it will require all guests over the age of 16 traveling from U.S. ports, except those in Florida, to be fully vaccinated. Travelers aboard ships leaving from Florida ports are strongly recommended to be fully vaccinated but not required to be. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order […]

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Where are unvaccinated people not allowed to travel?

It’s one thing to require unvaccinated travelers to quarantine or undergo extra Covid tests. It’s another to bar them altogether. A small but growing list of travel destinations is either closing its doors to unvaccinated travelers or reopening only to vaccinated ones. Either way, the unvaccinated are seeing their travel options start to dwindle as […]

By : ILIAS ELABDI Date : June 22, 2021 Category : Travel News & Insights Comments :
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