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'Golden passports' for the rich face new restrictions in global crackdown on Russian oligarchs

Sweeping sanctions against Putin’s oligarchs has led governments to limit and in some cases end their lucrative pay-for-passport programs.

By : ILIAS ELABDI Date : March 11, 2022 Category : Travel News & Insights Comments :
FAA warns 5G-related landing restrictions could divert flights as snow hits airports

An American Airlines commercial aircraft flies past a cell phone tower as it approaches to land at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California U.S. January 18, 2022. Mike Blake | Reuters After a fairly smooth first day, the impact of new 5G cellular service on air travel is being put to the test by […]

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Biden says he doesn’t expect more travel restrictions or lockdowns as Covid omicron variant spreads

President Joe Biden on Monday said he doesn’t expect the U.S. to impose additional travel restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus omicron variant, sending some airline stocks higher. Airline and aerospace stocks fell sharply on Friday after several countries reported cases of the omicron variant and established new travel restrictions. The U.S. on […]

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Flights to Europe are about to rise as U.S. eases Covid travel restrictions

Tourists look at the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy, on Aug. 25, 2021. Andrea Merola | Bloomberg | Getty Images The window to find dirt-cheap fares to Europe is closing. The Biden administration on Monday said the U.S. in November will start allowing in vaccinated foreigners from 33 countries, including the U.K., China and […]

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EasyJet CEO urges U.K. to further ease European travel restrictions in ‘safe way’

Johan Lundgren, CEO of British airline EasyJet, is urging the U.K. government to further ease restrictions on European travel due to progress on vaccination rates. “We never anticipated it was going to be, you know, a straightforward recovery. We always knew there was going to be bumps along the way,” Lundgren said Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk on […]

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