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High inflation may prompt consumers to change summer vacation plans

Summer vacations plans could be in flux this year. This time, it’s not because of Covid-19. Instead, high prices due to inflation may prompt prospective travel goers to switch up their plans. In fact, 69% of adults who say they will take a vacation this summer anticipate changing their travel plans as prices have soared […]

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International travel return sparks battle for high spending passengers

A Singapore Airlines A380 first class suite Leslie Josephs | CNBC Singapore Airlines this week unveiled its highest-end offering in the U.S: first-class suites that feature a bed, a swivel chair, 32-inch touch screen and a desk adorned with an orchid. They are each 50 square feet, and there are two bathrooms for the six […]

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Where to travel to avoid crowds and high prices? See the list

Many Americans are seeking quiet, secluded trips to the great outdoors this year — only to find millions of others are doing the exact same thing. Travelers hoping to avoid the throngs in cities and theme parks are finding themselves among record numbers of visitors to national parks and coastal destinations.  Americans searched for national […]

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U.S. air travel reaches pandemic high as peak season kicks off

Travelers wait in line at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening checkpoint at Orlando International Airport on the Friday before Memorial Day. As more and more people have received the COVID-19 vaccine, American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting more than 37 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this Memorial Day weekend, many for […]

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