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Inflation hasn’t dented summer travel demand yet

A sharp uptick in inflation has so far not caused a slowdown in demand for travel in the spring and summer months, Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel told CNBC on Thursday. “Not yet. Not yet,” said Fogel, whose company offers online travel services, including flight booking. He cited the Covid pandemic’s disruptions to travel routines. “When you […]

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Discount airfares rising thanks to higher fuel costs, demand, Frontier CEO says

Travelers can expect higher airfares this spring and summer, even on discount airlines. Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Friday that bookings and what travelers are paying for tickets as well as add-ons like baggage fees are the highest in the pandemic. “Even with the high fuel prices we believe we can […]

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Airlines raise revenue outlook as travel demand jumps, fuel costs on the rise

American Airlines planes at LaGuardia Airport Leslie Josephs | CNBC Travel demand has bounced back faster than expected, airlines said Tuesday, a welcome trend for the industry as carriers grapple with how much of a fuel-price surge they can pass along to customers. Delta Air Lines said ahead of an investor presentation that it expects […]

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Singapore says it’s ready for 2022 travel demand when it returns

There are “encouraging signs of recovery” in Singapore’s tourism sector, according to the Singapore Tourism Board. Visitor arrivals reached 330,000 and tourism receipts reached an estimated $1.9 billion Singapore dollars ($1.4 billion) in 2021, according to data published today by the nation’s tourism board. These numbers, however, are down from 2020, when Singapore received 2.7 […]

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Delta Air Lines forecasts pretax quarterly profit as travel demand, fares increase

An Airbus A330-323 aircraft, operated by Delta Air Lines. Benoit Tessier | Reuters Delta Air Lines said travel demand in the fourth quarter is rising, along with airfares and that it expects to post a pretax profit of about $200 million for the last three months of the year. The Atlanta-based airline expects fourth-quarter revenue […]

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Southwest Airlines says travel demand is improving, forecasts fourth quarter profit

OntheRunPhoto | iStock Editorial | Getty Images Southwest Airlines on Wednesday said it expects to be profitable in the fourth quarter, thanks to stronger-than-expected leisure travel demand despite the emergence of the omicron variant of Covid. The Dallas-based carrier forecast fourth-quarter revenue down 10% to 15% from the same period of 2019, when it generated […]

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Business travel demand expected to surge in 2022, but full recovery still two years away

istocksdaily | iStock | Getty Images Business travel spending worldwide will likely jump more than 37% next year to over $1 trillion but the normally lucrative industry won’t fully recover until 2024, according to a new industry forecast released Wednesday. Surges in Covid cases and new variants, uneven vaccination rates and supply chain problems hurt […]

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United Airlines shares rise on upbeat demand forecast despite delta variant

A United Airlines Boeing 737-800 and United Airlines A320 Airbus on seen approach to San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco. Louis Nastro | Reuters Shares of United Airlines gained close to 2% on Wednesday morning after the carrier forecast that the rebound in travel demand will continue in the coming months. United reported its sixth […]

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Airlines race to train pilots as travel demand roars back

A flight engineer enters a CAE Inc. 7000 Series Boeing Co. 737-800 flight simulator at a CAE facility in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019. Christinne Muschi | Bloomberg | Getty Images Some of airlines’ most in-demand flights this summer don’t even leave the ground. Flight simulators from Atlanta to Dallas to Miami […]

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As travel demand surges and prices rise, 7 saving tips for this summer

Erik Isakson | Tetra images | Getty Images 1. Road trip it The best way to save money is to drive your own car to your destination, Staab said. To find the cheapest fuel prices during your road trip, he suggests downloading the GasBuddy app. 2. Don’t wait until the last minute Staab anticipates the […]

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