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The grandest mansions in France and Italy to buy, rent or visit

The Chateau de Chambord, in the Loire Valley region of France. DEA / C. SAPPA | De Agostini | Getty Images France and Italy are home to some of the most storied castles, palaces and grand homes in the world, ranging from Loire Valley chateaux to Sicilian strongholds and French Riviera mansions. Many are available […]

By : ILIAS ELABDI Date : February 7, 2022 Category : Travel News & Insights Comments :
United will buy 15 ultrafast airplanes from start-up Boom Supersonic

United Airlines is planning to turn the friendly skies into the ultrafast skies with the addition of supersonic jets. The carrier announced Thursday it’s buying 15 planes from Boom Supersonic with the option to purchase 35 more at some point.   Boom’s first commercial supersonic jet, the Overture, has not been built or certified yet. […]

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