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Sam Roi Yot National Park – City Video Guide

Sam Roi Yot National Park – City Video Guide

When you’re ready to experience the calming natural beauty of one of Thailand’s premier coastal sanctuaries, take a tour of Sam Roi Yot National Park.

The park’s name describes it very well: “Khao Sam Roi Yot” translates to “Mountains with 300 peaks.” These numerous limestone precipices stand tall in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, and you can get a fantastic view of them via a boat ride. Additional Sam Roi Yot National Park sightseeing is made easy by walkways that wind through the freshwater marshes that make up much of the park’s acreage. Bring binoculars to catch glimpses of over 300 types of birds inhabiting the marshes, as well as monkeys and deer in the forests clinging to the mountains.

Don’t forget to stop by the Kuha Karuhas Pavilion, a small structure nestled within a cave. This is the spot to pause, breathe in the scent of an unfamiliar landscape, and remember how small you are in the scope of the universe.

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