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Parliament Buildings Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Parliament Buildings Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

When you’re ready to see the inner workings of government in Ireland, as well as wander the green fields of the Stormont neighborhood of Belfast, pay a visit to the Parliament Buildings.

Free Parliament Buildings tours are offered twice a day. The first thing you’ll learn is that the Parliament Buildings is actually one large building, known locally as Stormont because of its location in Stormont Estate. The Parliament Buildings are now the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly, though decades ago they housed the parliament of Northern Ireland.

During your Parliament Buildings sightseeing, you can explore the monuments and sculptures that dot the vibrant green landscape around the Stormont. Many of these sculptures are dedicated to significant events around Northern Ireland.

What was your favorite part of the Parliament Buildings?

Visit our Parliament Buildings travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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