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One Day in Phuket | Expedia

One Day in Phuket | Expedia

A long layover in Phuket, Thailand, could mean a romp on the country’s largest island or an uneventful day at the airport. Skip waiting in the terminal; instead, tap into your adventurous side and hit the best Phuket beaches and attractions before boarding your next flight.

Even just one day in Phuket provides you with the opportunity to revel in its tropical landscape. While you’re on the island, seek out the Big Buddha, a massive marble statue on the Naka Kerd Mountain, and cruise over to James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. For an adventure, charter a boat on Phang Nga Bay, or simply worship the sun on the shores of Kata or Surin Beach. If you’re still wondering what to see in Phuket, consider venturing to Khao Toh Sae in Phuket Town—which is home to hundreds of macaque monkeys—or relish the nightlife in Patong Beach. From the dazzling Phuket Fantasea to the emerald waters off the coast, you just might find yourself wishing for a flight delay.

Explore Phuket in a day to get in touch with the island’s culture, cuisine, and coastlines. Even with just a few hours to spare, your island adventure will be well worth the layover.


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