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One Day in One Minute: Istanbul

One Day in One Minute: Istanbul

Istanbul, home to 14 million people, welcomes you.

Once known as Constantinople, the capital city of Turkey is a mishmash of cultures, people, and commerce. Cross the Bosphorus Bridge early in the morning and gaze down at the constant flow of shipping traffic coming into and leaving the harbor. Once the sun is up, make your way to Sultanahmet, or the Old City. Visit the legendary Hagia Sophia, a former basilica and mosque that is now a museum. Stop in at a small café for breakfast and indulge in some strong Turkish coffee.

While you’re on your tour of Istanbul, stop by Taksim Square, home to the Monument of the Republic and a popular gathering place for locals. While walking around, you’ll find restaurants, boutiques, and a series of high-end hotels sure to dazzle even the most jet-setting travelers.

As night falls, your Istanbul sightseeing continues in the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest covered markets in existence. Just because the stars are out doesn’t mean the stores are closed, though; you can slip through over 3,000 shops arranged on 61 streets long after the lamps are lit. At the Grand Bazaar you’ll find exotic snacks, jewelry, clothing, and everything else you could possibly hope for in an ancient shopping center.

What do you hope to find when you are in Istanbul?

Visit our Istanbul travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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