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Kimchi Museum Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Kimchi Museum Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

A visit to Korea no doubt involves sampling the local cuisine, which means you’re likely to try kimchi. This heavily seasoned, vegetable-centric side dish is heavily ingrained in Korean culture, and if you’d like to know more about it, a visit to the Kimchi Museum in Seoul is a must.

A tour of Kimchi Museum begins at Coex Mall, where the facility is located. Various exhibits depict kimchi through the ages, as well as the many methods and styles of cooking the dish. Elaborate dioramas depict each step entailed in making kimchi before modern convenience, back when an entire day was set aside to create it. You can also watch short films related to kimchi, and check out models of over 80 variations of the dish.

Twice a month, visitors sightseeing at Kimchi Museum can taste-test various kinds of kimchi in the special tasting room. You’ll be surprised by the amount of variety you can experience!

What was your favorite part of your visit to the Kimchi Museum?

Visit our Kimchi Museum travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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