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Introducing the Expedia Viewfinder Image Library

Introducing the Expedia Viewfinder Image Library


Over the last 3 years, Expedia has amassed tens of thousands of incredible travel and destination images. Recently we asked ourselves, how could we put these images into the hands of those who love travel just as much as we do?

Welcome to Expedia’s viewfinder™ image library, our way of sharing thousands of amazing places and breathtaking moments with you. Glide through our library and search images by geographic location and/or experience with the easy-to-use viewfinder™ image library interface.

Four viewing options give you the choice of exploring our images in either small, large, slideshow or map mode. Expedia’s viewfinder™ image library also works on your smartphone and tablet. Each image is data-rich and comes fully loaded with a short description plus a more comprehensive article, a mapping tool and flight and accommodation options.

Our entire collection can now be shared via email and all the usual social media channels, either as galleries or as single images. The great news for writers, bloggers and travel professionals is that the majority of our images can now be easily embedded, for free, so you can share them with your audience.

Hours of Expedia’s original music are also available to complement your journey. Fans of our YouTube travel videos can now enjoy their favorite destination tracks without the voiceover!

Come and share this incredible world of ours with Expedia’s viewfinder™ image library. Finding that perfect image and vacation destination is not only effortless, it’s an adventure, taking you on a virtual journey into a world of new possibilities. And this is just the first phase of this incredible tool. Stay tuned for more…

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