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Fira Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Fira Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Fira, the capital of Santorini, sits 1,000 feet above the Aegean Sea, nestled along the cliff tops of the famous Greek island.

To better understand the people of Fira and Santorini, head for the Lignos Folklore Museum. This community staple, situated in a cave house, was once a winery, and now holds shoemaking and carpentry workshops. While there, you can also check out its traditional wine cellar and the island’s archives. You’ll get an outstanding sense of the people who used to live on this island: tough, hard-working farmers and craftsmen who helped make Santorini what it is today.

Your Fira tour continues through the narrow roads and whitewashed houses to the photo op of your dreams. Fira—and its neighboring towns in Santorini—boasts what many call one of the best views of the sunset in the world. Every night, residents and tourists alike gather on the cliff tops to watch the sun descend into the sea, turning the sky a brilliant purple before the stars come out.

When the sun goes down, Fira really wakes up. Head over to the cocktail bars, the nightclubs, and the lounges to enjoy good food, good company, and great fun as you dance or chat the night away.

What will you do during your Fira sightseeing?

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