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Cheow Larn Lake – City Video Guide

Cheow Larn Lake – City Video Guide

Welcome to Cheow Larn Lake, where you can get back in touch with nature and relax amidst aquatic beauty.

Before your Cheow Larn Lake tour, brush up a little bit on its unique history. This manmade body of water was nonexistent before 1982, when the development of the Rajjaprabha Dam flooded a swath of jungle in southern Thailand. The new reservoir quickly attracted visitors who relished both the quiet it provided and its striking beauty.

Cheow Larn Lake sightseeing begins in the floating huts where visitors reside. These huts actually hover on the lake’s surface, bobbing gently up and down with the water. This is not a vacation spot for those seeking flashing lights and high drama; instead, it is a peaceful return to nature, an extraordinary step back in time.

In the morning, go kayaking or embark on a boat tour of the reservoir, moving through emerald rainforest and the imposing limestone cliffs that surround Cheow Larn Lake. In the afternoon, gather with other adventurers on the dock running alongside the bungalows and feed the many fish that gather there. Sit back, slip your feet into the cool water, and just enjoy the quiet life.

What will you do at Cheow Larn Lake?

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